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Poor Taste and Deep Graves

Okay, so having this oh-so-melodramatic post about how hard writing for work was going to be and how sad I am about it, and then proceeding NOT to post on schedule is in poor taste, and I’m sorry. That said, I’m leaving the post up because it is something of a motivator for me, and I’ve always been a firm believer in leaving something the way it is once you present it to the world. Sort of a “You dug your grave, now stay in it!” sort of thing.*

And tomorrow I will finally explain what’s been going on to make me emo-tastic and strangely silent. I swear on my father’s fish-engraved tombstone that I’ll make the time to sit down and talk about it mostly because I think I’m going to write about it now and schedule the post to go up so that I have no excuse to dodge the topic again. That said, tomorrow will be a late post. ^^; Between eight and ten o’clock.

* I started believing this when I was really into fanfiction. I had written a story that a couple people really dug, and started posting it before I had a beta. The prologue was probably more engaging and mature, and then the next… oh, four to eight chapters were sparse, abrupt, and poorly-written — at least in my opinion, after I saw how much meatier and better my writing was when I had someone to point out the flaws.

I talked about this with Kagi, who is in my top 5 people to talk to about writing, and she suggested that I take down the chapters I wished I hadn’t posted and rewrite them to my newer standards. I can understand why people do it, considering how fluid a medium FanFiction.net is, but it feels like cheating to me.