October 22nd, 2009

I’m still internetless, but I will say this; tomorrow, instead of being a Ms. Hill, I will become a Mrs. Poland.

OMFG. I’m so excited I could die. And I may just die of exhaustion at this rate. I’m going to be up all night getting the playlist for the reception put together, and getting it to flow and have a good distribution of things I like, things Andy likes, and things out guests will like is a complicated thing.

Then I get up, get some last minute things done, work from noon until seven, and then get in the car and drive to Kansas City to get my best friends from high school OMFG. Then we drive back and go straight out for some bachelor/bachelorette karaoke at the bar.

Provided I can find a babysitter.

An Intermission

We still don’t have steady internet, but I will stop to say that I can’t understand why the cry-it-out method is the go-to method of everyone as it relates to babies. I understand that crying is more communication than emotional output to a baby, but it is easily the most miserable thing I’ve ever done.

It’s heartless and nasty and I hate that I can’t seem to come up with any better solution to get Miles sleeping alone in his crib. I know at 7 months he’s old enough to handle this, but I’m not convinced that I’m old enough to handle it.

End my bitching. Sorry world. ^^; (We’re rewatching Fullmetal Alchemist. Well, “rewatching” implies we’ve ever seen the entire series, but you get the idea.)