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It’s Birthday Season!

It’s a big birthday week in the family!

Today, July 29th, is my father-in-law’s birthday; we’re actually headed out to the farm to drink his beer and eat his cake when the husband’s bromance gets off work.  (He and husband were exceedingly close as teenagers, and bro is member of the family in all senses of the word, save biological.)  I have no idea how old father-in-law is — I think I know what year he was born, but I find it more polite not to ask.  =D

Father-in-law runs interesting military blog, if you’re into military blogs: Castle Argghhh!  They live on a farm by the same name, and he recently ordered his own flags, making it officially the coolest blog advertisement ever.  It’d probably help if they lived near public roads or people, but awesome nonetheless.

Happy Birthday, John!

Saturday, July 31st, my not-oldest older brother Jeff turns 25!  (25?  Yeah, 1985 is 25 this year.)  First off — great placement of the birthday, older brother, well planned~!  Downside, small towns are not conductive to on-the-town style celebrations, so do what you can!

  • JoshW

    Tell John that we wish him a happy birthday, too; and say hey to Beth, Andy, and August for us as well.