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Of Lame Sauce, and Man Sauce

I’ve been totally lame, y’all. Sorry about that. On Monday we went to LV for the Wee V’s third birthday party — much fun was had by all the children, especially when that sugar high peaked. There was minimal injury, and all the adults made it out alive.

Today, I’m just tired. So, instead of being original, interesting, or informative, I’m going to share with you the best thing on the Internet. It’s been there for years, and it never, ever gets old. And TO THIS DAY I remains a mystery to me whether it’s a joke or for serious.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Natural Harvest, by Fotie Photenhauer.

This baffles me. Given that hundreds — if not thousands! — of slutty college girls (and boys!) all over the world are gargling them some tasty semen as we speak, it’s hard to say that this is disgusting and bizarre out of hand. That said, when I last checked semen had pretty low nutritional value, and I can’t imagine how much of it you’d need to make a difference texturally.

That said, that name? Sounds so fake. Either an obvious psuedonym, or another nod in the, “I think this is all for the LULZ,” category.

  • Ashley

    What I can't get past is the range of flavors and textures you would encounter. Depending on diet and genetics… That book ruined flan for me:(

  • Ashley

    I eat flan so rarely, and it probably has something to do with me looking at this cover and going, "Do… do you think there's semen in that VERY FLAN?!"The concept is just so mind-bending for me that I can't quite wrap myself around it.