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Lazy Post is Lazy

I’m prepping to head up to the farm (AKA Castle Argghhh!!!; and I’m still not sure exactly which site refers to the farm, lol) for a rousing 10-ish days of farm-sitting, and should be doing… oh, one of a million other things than respond to a meme over on my LJ.

That said, it’s a fun meme, and I thought my answers actually proved to be pretty relevant to the blog as well, so instead of a unique post, I’m sharing. From Sorcererhuntres: she gave me five words that she relates to me: Miles, writing, jounouchi, boob-milk, and fanfiction. It was my job to reply on my own journal.

Miles surprises me as he gets bigger; he keeps learning and growing, and I realized that even on the shittiest, most awful, terrible day I can look at this kid and be reminded what love is, without hesitation or expectation. The other morning we were laying in bed, and he was snuggled in the crook of my arm with her forehead resting against mine while he snored stinky milk-breath in my face; it couldn’t have been more perfect. I hope when he’s 10 and 20 and 40 I can remember how brilliant he’s always been, and how exactly he fits in my arms.

I love writing. Oh what, I’m supposed to say more? XD I think one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed NaNo so much this year is because I don’t have as much time as I used to, and I realize how many mental health points I get from taking the time to express myself creativily. Also, it’s nice to craft and develop a world, and realize things about myself, and feel like what I’m writing has great value. I mean, don’t get me wrong — fanfiction rocks my socks off, but there’s something just a little different, for me, when I’m working from scratch. I hope that once NaNo is finished I spent more time writing again, but we’ll see.

Jounouchi is the hotness. Just sayin’. my favorite character from YGO1; he fights for that spot, a lot, but wins overall. I find his character the most dynamic, and I think is backstory is the most interesting and the least over-the-top. Divorced and estranged parents, alcohol- and gamling-dependent father? This is actually super mundane for the YGOverse, and probably why NO ONE seems to find it too odd that he’s working to pay off his dad’s gambling debts, or why he’s the one — not, say, his mother — that fights to win money for his sister’s surgery. You know, I would love to have some thoughts on Shizuka and her (non)relationship with her father…

And I think I have to resign to being associated with boob-milk, lmao; I like to tell myself that there are less lame causes to get all “MY PRIDE, LEMME SHOW YOU IT” about, but I’ll get back to you when I figure out what they are. Honestly, lately I think a lot about weaning; I’m pretty adamant on this child-led weaning thing, but there are nights were I just do. not. want to breastfeed anymore; then these nights get juxtaposed with lazy rainy afternoons, snuggling in bed and nursing. (And then mornings, where he plops his VERY STINKY DIAPER on my head while he nurses… Not so much. Point taken, child; lemme wake up and I’ll get you fresh one.)

Also, I once shot milk across a coffee table on a dare. I AM LIKE A GUN.

Fanfiction is pretty much the best thing ever; catharsis when I need to write and just have nothing, because it’s already something; given a little bit of time and energy, I can get all, “Oooh, I wonder what it would be like if…” My heart still goes to KaiJou, because it just doesn’t get old. And I don’t know why.

I believe, firmly, that fanfiction is fantastic writing practice, and honestly, more interactive than (in a phrase I learned from Azremodehar) dead-tree publishing. And with publishing swinging into the e-book, self-pubbed era, I think that the fanfiction writers are well-placed to RULE THE WORLD make a name for themselves as “traditional” authors, be that what they choose.

I also think that fanfiction has a bad rep, and part of deciding to network in a site that archives my fanfiction is my personal middle-finger to this idea that you can’t write original fiction and fanfiction in conjunction, and that you have to give one up to truly enjoy and succeed in the other. (I’ve even falling for this trap.)

1. Yu-Gi-Oh, for the un-initiated, lol. If you’ve never heard me mention it, oh, any of the half-a-million times I’ve talked about it, Yu-Gi-Oh is my fandom of choice. It’s clearly the best fandom ever.