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If you ever wondered

I was ranting about something completely unrelated on my LJ — which is where I take my crazy and my very personal — and breastfeeding came up in the comments in a very non-inflammatory way. And I said something that I thought I’d say "aloud," for lack of a better word.

Change does not have to be in-your-face at all angles; I firmly believe that by being available to help people who want the help, by leading in gentle and understanding ways, by making our view points available, and simply by practicing what we preach we will see more change. It’s why I blog so much about breastfeeding; I may be way small-time in blogging, but the more positive, experience-based information the web, the more likely it is that a mother on Google will find what she’s looking for and consider it for herself.

So, yeah. If you were ever wondering why I never shut up about it. :D

  • Galit Breen

    Amen. i love what you wrote about gentle leadership. And agree whole-heartedly. Well said!

  • Ashley

    Thanks! I know pretty much nothing about leadership, but I know that there is no time in my life where I responded positively to bullying, shaming, or language soaked in superiority — and I doubt I'm the only one.Many of the people I've met who get aggressive and in-your-face in their activism would never use these tactics to teach their children a lesson, and I can't understand why it would seem more appealing to use on strangers.