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Not At All Wordless Wednesday: Editing

I feel like I’m really wasting a 300th post, lol. But I’m finally falling into the habit and motion of NaNoEdMo, and part of it is that I came up with a solution that I feel marries my strengths and weaknesses as a writer/editor.

I write better at the computer. My hand cramps easy, I hold the pencil stupid, and I hate retyping into the computer — I get so frustrated with the process. I mean, do you see the emphasis on “hate” up there? That’s a lot of hate. HATE.

On the other hand, I cannot edit at a computer. My brain (well, all brains, I’m told) just don’t catch nuance and detail the same on a computer screen. But give me a red pen and a printed page, and well… I can go to fucking town. (It doesn’t feel like enough, actually, which is funny because EVERY PAGE looks like this. Editing a novel is hard on your ego, lol.)

NaNoEdMo 2011: the First Page
Bring us to DREAMING OF EDEN, which was floating around the house not only unbound, but without page numbers. Because no stapler in my household can cope with 110 pages, I stapled the pages in bundles of 20 (and one 10), and numbered everything. 
Oh, wait, that’s perfect! Edit one bundle at a time, and then add those pages to the computer. That way I can focus on one section at a time, look at what’s moving too fast and what’s not, and can sit at the computer without getting overwhelmed by the task.
I finished my first bundle last night. You may notice I’m here, instead of blissfully removing text and adding scenes to my novel.
I clearly underestimate my hatred for adding to the computer. And how overwhelming all those red little marks are! DX
Posed Picture is Posed
Posed picture is posed, but true. And unflattering. Bonus: child crayon wall art in the background. -_-;
So I’m venting here as a means of taking a mental deep breath, and now I gotta get the fuck to work. Wish me luck, y’all!

Edit – 3:40PM – I got the first scene into the computer. I mean, sure, it went from half a page to a quarter and I’m still not certain about keeping it there, but it’s now in the computer! :D