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June 2011

Teenagers (Also) Aren’t Assholes

UncategorizedJune 30, 2011 • 3~4 min read • 0

You may recall I wrote in April about how children aren’t assholes, when I realized with shock that older kids are only terrifying in groups and from a distance. I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping this in check when we go to the park, and we’ve had no incidents that make me recant […]

Literacy is Weird

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I was reading to Miles the other night when I was struck by how strange┬áreading and writing is. Here’s a combination of symbols that have no meaning except what we as a people assigned to them. Dr. Seuss put them together to tell a story, and I understand them. In turn I pass these words […]

Sleep and Daily Routines

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A couple of weeks ago I first heard of the best children’s book I do not yet own: Go to the Fuck to Sleep. You’ve probably heard of it. I mean, Samuel L. Jackson did the audio book. (Which is free, so you know — you should get on that. XD) Anyway, my point is mentioning […]

Toddlers, Food, and Trust

UncategorizedJune 24, 2011 • 4~7 min read • 0

I was reading Why I Don’t Watch My Kids’ Weight by LiveOnceJuicy this morning, and I love it. Have I mentioned I love it? Because I do — I love the idea that we can give kids the opportunity to come to their own conclusions about food and lifestyle without making it about weight. But it got […]

Wordy Wednesday: Convertible Dress Attempt #1

UncategorizedJune 23, 2011 • 3~4 min read • 0

I had seen the tutorial for the convertible dress over at Rostitchery a while back, and was intrigued — but not enough to actually try it. Then the other week I saw Amy of Anktangle’s post Conquering the Convertible/Infinity Dress, and after following some of the links she shared (namely the circle skirt tutorial and the […]