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Words on Wednesday: Swag!

Today is my birthday — and sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been trying to make up for the work I’m skipping today — so this post is totally a swag post. I’ve gotten cards and gifts from family, but I’ll be honest — I like buying stuff for my birthday. :D

My husband let me buy got me a wallet for my birthday, which I love. It’s funny, I bought a wallet the day before our wedding and told him, “You got me this as a wedding gift!” My old wallet was a small clasp Nintendo controller one, and he’s taking that one, since his billfold fell apart finally.

I also bought a birthday cake at Walmart yesterday; we’re planning to play a game of Munchkin after dinner tomorrow night, and I think we’ll dig into the cake then. Bonus: picture of Miles being dejected after I found him carrying the cake out of the kitchen. I proceeded to put it up higher on the counter and explain that the cake wasn’t for right now.

My mom sent my a package of stuff she made, including a new cover for the Kindle that looks like the Tardis. XD I don’t know if I mentioned this here, but a couple weeks back Miles broke the super awesome Amazon cover I got for the Kindle back in the day; I typically kept it in the top drawer of this plastic thing next to our bed. No big thing, except Miles can pull the top off. One morning while I was still half-asleep and Andy was in the other room, he got at the Kindle and wrenched it out of the cover, snapping one of the pieces off inside the device.

The Kindle is fine, and I was irked but not as angry as I could’ve been.

Mom happened to show me a pattern she found online for a Tardis cover back in March when she visited. Without knowing that the child had trashed my cover, she made me this one. I love it. It’s thick and fits perfectly.

She also sent me a scarf, which is awesome and very warm — and has some bitchin’ color detail. <3 Also, she sent some socks for Andy. Andy loves socks to wear around the house.

I also bought myself some coffee mugs, because I got an e-mail with, “Hey, it’s your birthday; here’s a coupon!” from World Market. They haven’t arrived yet, so stock photo from the website: