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Worth Noting: Childhood Curiosity = Broken Stuff

Miles has this incredible knack of breaking everything I love. I can’t even get mad at him for it — he’s a curious and intelligent kid, and I’d hate to get in the way of that. Even though sometimes I could just fucking shake him.

My Child is the Devil

His first casualty was my keyboard. He had pulled all the keys of my old laptop keyboard, but that keyboard was already missing pieces; I wasn’t terrible heartbroken over it, though perhaps a little peeved. (Okay, if you read the post, I was probably more than peeved, but still.) It was perfectly repairable.

Later, desperate to get my Kindle out of it’s very nice case, he wrenched it out so badly that it broke one connector off inside the Kindle and did some cosmetic damage.

The most recent victim was the book light I bought to replace the lighted case. It’s a $10 light, and I can get a new one using my husband’s discount at work — but it’s the principle of the thing! He took the clip and spring apart and I don’t even know how.

And he just does this. He gets curious about how all these moving parts work, and he just decides that he’s going to disassemble it.

Usually with force. And then hide a single piece. I once found the crank to my pasta machine in the trunk of his tricycle.