What Breastfeeding Isn’t

Breastfeeding is a great many, wonderful things. Breastfeeding enables many mothers to feed their babies without it costing money. Breastfeeding helps many mothers in a speedy recovery from birth. Breastfeeding may even help reduce the instance of certain diseases in both mother and child. Great things!

However, let it be known that breastfeeding in no way indicates a child’s future morals, beliefs, or political affiliations:

How perfectly, simply that tweet behaves. Clearly, no breastfed baby would grow up to be the kind of person who hates women’s right, who opposes affordable healthcare, or — god forbid! – turns out to be a Republican. The inverse being, of course, that only the formula-fed babies grow up to be so reprehensible. If only we breastfed more!

Straw-man, thy name is Twitter.

Values are determined by the way we raise our children, not how we fed them in their early years.