On the Topic of Miles’ EC Evaluation

We just got back from Miles’ early childhood evaluation. The hardest part was being awake at 7AM, JHC — what made me think that 8:15AM was a reasonable time for an appointment? But it does give me an idea of what my schedule ought to look like when I have a school-aged child. And I’ve now had to realize oh shit someday I am going to have a school-aged child. What the serious fuck is that all about?

Miles is going to get along in school like a fish to water, though; he had so much fun there, and cried when we left. Granted, he was playing, but he’s a thoughtful child. I have no doubts that someday he’s going to love classes.

But getting to the meat of it: he’s been referred for further evaluation in the areas of communication and special education. According to the incredibly nice teacher — seriously; these women were the jolliest people I’ve ever met before noon, meanwhile I probably looked like a deer in headlights. If deers got bed-head. Wait, what was I talking about? Right!

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